Visiting Iceland? Official travel information
Visiting Iceland? Official travel information

Dear traveller,

In this email, you can find an overview of your obligations as a visitor to Iceland. As you may know, the Icelandic government has issued rules and guidelines for all travellers entering Iceland. These include:

1. Fill out the pre-registration form

Travellers entering Iceland are required to register information about their person and travel plans prior to arrival and select their preference for testing or quarantine.

2. Get tested

Get tested on arrival. Results are available within 24 hours. You have the option of staying in quarantine for 14 days instead of getting tested.

3. Be careful

Be careful until you receive your test result. Stay at home or at your registered location and avoid close contact with other people.

4. Travel responsibly

We strongly recommend you go to and download the official app, Rakning-C19. There you will get your test results, information, alerts, and updates. More information about the app is available on

In general, it is essential that we all maintain good hygiene and use our common sense. Wash your hands, limit contact with other people, and respect social distancing guidelines.

Dear traveller, we ask you, to help us maintain the progress we have made so far and keep Iceland a safe place for all of us.

Listen to experts, don’t take risks, and stay safe.

Further information is on

We wish you a safe, pleasant, and memorable trip.

The Directorate of Health

The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management

Visiting Iceland? Official travel information